The Master Public Governance is an international master that combines political, economical and constitutional perspectives in innovative public administration policies. Students learn to develop and innovate strategies in order to solve complex public administrative issues. Besides, problems arising from globalization are more often of local, national and global importance. This master’s program handles these kind of issues that are both of national and global importance. Some of the courses are offered in collaboration with foreign universities. Students learn to see beyond the administrative borders.


The Master Public Governance consists of three core theme courses (18 ECTS), two compulsory courses (12 ECTS), two cross-over courses (12 ECTS) and the master’s thesis (18 ECTS). The three core theme courses are Governance and Law, Governance and Economics and Governance and Politics. The two compulsory courses are Good Governance and Governance Clinic. These courses take place in the first semester. The second semester consists of two compulsory courses, which are Public Strategy and Public Entrepreneurship, and the master’s thesis. As part of preparation for the master’s thesis there is a compulsory tutorial. The master’s thesis can be written either in English or in Dutch.