The Research Master in Law is a two-years master’s program that will provide you with research skills. You will develop new knowledge and first-rate academic research skills in the area that interests you. This knowledge can help you solve important theoretical and societal issues. The aim of the program is to give talented young researchers the tools they need to conduct methodically sound legal research in different legal fields, to interpret research findings of others, and most of all to provide them a creative and critical mindset. This makes the Research Master in Law a unique master’s program.


The program consists of six methodical courses (36 ECTS), two context courses (12 ECTS), three research training courses (42 ECTS) and five domain courses (30 ECTS). The methodical courses are Methods of Legal Research, Empirical Legal Research, Law & Economics, Methods of Regulation, Comparative Law and Judicial Lawmaking. The context courses are Principles of Law and Interdisciplinary Study of Law. The research training courses consist of Individual Research Training (6 ECTS), Joint Research Training 1 & 2 (12 ECTS) and the Master’s thesis (24 ECTS). The domain courses are courses that cover a broader knowledge and understanding in the core areas of law. These courses are taken together with students from other law master’s programs. Special assignments for research master students will make sure the methodical point of interest.

Cooperation with KU Leuven

The program is offered in cooperation with KU Leuven (Belgium). Students will cooperate with Leuven students, Leuven teachers, and the Leuven research tradition and culture. Students have the possibility to participate in courses both at Tilburg and Leuven.

Master’s thesis

Students are offered high level of faculty guidance and peer support in writing their research proposal, which serves as the basis for future applications to Ph.D., to a legal practitioner, or other research positions. The students can choose their own research topic, supervisor and research group, so there is a lot of flexibility in this program.